• 40 Hillsborough St, Roseau, Dominica

Properties for Sale

Properties For Sale

For Sale: Prince Rupert’s Bay Apartments

Prince Rupert Suites is located in Portsmouth on the North West Coast of Dominica. We are a mere 45 minutes drive from Melville Hall Airport. Five minutes from the main highway in Picard, Portsmouth and also five minutes from the Ross University Medical School, we boast of two beautiful buildings consisting of three and four apartments respectively. Contact Us

For Lease: Roseau Valley Hotel

Property for sale in Canefield

22,026 sq.ft. of land situated in Canefield Industrial Estate, in the parish of St. Paul. Dominica. Good for business purposes.

Property for sale in Belfast,Dominica

13,141 square feet of residential land at Belfast, in the parish of St. Paul. Dominica. Good for housing, nice view, spacious lot.