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Mediation is an important legal service in Dominica.  Mediation provides parties with an alternative to litigation which gives them more control over the process of resolving their dispute and allows more options for solution of their dispute than those prescribed by strict legal rules. It is especially beneficial where the parties to the dispute place great value on preserving relationships.

Mediation is an important legal service in Dominica.  It provides a quick, cost-effective form of dispute resolution.  Typically, a mediator (third party) helps the parties to negotiate a settlement in a wide range of matters to include legal, family, employment and commercial.

Mediation, unlike ordinary negotiation,  is structures, has a timetable and works on the basis of legally established principles.   The mediation process is confidential and mediators play a facilitative role rather than a directional one while as the same time remaining neutral.

Mediation is conducted using various  techniques aimed at opening and improving empathy and dialogue between disputants in order to enable parties to agree on a settlement.  The mediator’s skill and training in achieving this goal is crucial.

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