Welcome to The Law Office of Rose-Anne Charles

We are a full service law firm in the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies. Our team is comprised of experienced, qualified professionals who aim to provide excellent service to our clients.  We are client-focused so we work with our clients to ensure that we obtain the best results for them.

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Excellent service. Trustworthy. Effective results.

Dispute Resolution

Whether through litigation or alternative dispute resolution we can help you resolve your legal matters.

Best Preparation

We take time to understand our clients and their cases. We're definitely always prepared.


We respond to our clients very promptly and keep them abreast of developments which are pertinent to them.

Why Rose-Anne Charles?

A wide experience in law including Environmental Law, Foreign Direct Investment, International Trade Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Succession/Probate, Property law, Conveyancing, Company law and Corporate Management.

With us you get:

  • Direct access to law firm and legal advice;
  • Quick, reliable service;
  • Competitive prices and fees;
  • Confidential, sound knowledge you can count on; plus

A broad range of services including Notarization of documents, Registry searches, Mediation, Citizenship by Investment and Property Management.

We will respond to you very promptly.

We respond very promptly to emails and phone calls. Confidentiality is very important to us. Contact us to arrange a client conference.

Offshore Companies, Trusts & Foundations

We are a Licensed Agent for Dominica IBC Registration and provide a one-stop offshore financial service platform which allows clients to manage assets and investments internationally through the set-up and administration of:

  • International Business Companies (Offshore companies)
  • Offshore Bank Accounts
  • Offshore Foundations
  • Offshore Trusts


Take advantage of progressive legislative frameworks for offshore structures thanks to the following features:

  • legal persona and ability to legally own assets and property;
  • Foundations are hybrid in nature; ie possesses features of the corporation (legal persona, management board) and the trust (created for a purpose or benefit);
  • ideal structure for succession planning;
  • avoiding forced heirship;
  • accumulate wealth.

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We take great pride in the fact that we have been providing excellent advice and service to our clients for the past 15 years.